We call these oils the “Our Favorite Oils” because they are our most-used and loved oils that everyone should have in their arsenal! The starting line and best value is by far the Premium Starter Kit. Most of our recipes for creams and rollers will use at least three of the kit oils. Also, our bodies are so individually unique there shouldn't be a "one oil fits all" approach. What works for you might not be what works for another person, and vice versa. This is another bonus to having multiple choices in the kit. Having a high-quality home diffuser is also a key for purifying the air, and it has many other health benefits as well. We wholeheartedly believe the Premium Starter Kit will help you have the best success at incorporating oils into your family's health and wellness regimen, and our team is committed to your success! Click on each of Our Favorite Oils to get a glimpse of some of the uses for our must-have oils, both inside and outside the kit.